Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A whole new world

So this is new!  Here's me writing my very first blog about my very new full time job... that is the most important of jobs ...domestic goddess and super mum of course!

Now how to appear to be super efficient and creative while still making plenty of time for cuddles and coffee shops.  Please tell me it doesn't have to be all military laundry routines and cleaning rotas right?!

I have 2 little munchkins, our princess Faye who is 5, very soon to be 6 (4 sleeps and counting) and cheeky monkey William who is 19 months and more than a handful most days.

My list of achievements so far include becoming best friends with several appliances (my slow cooker, dryer and second freezer), pulling together a list of local toddler groups (rated by their hot drinks and snack provisions) and mastering the art of doing everything possible the night before therefore avoiding the 8.15 buggy pushing sprint to the bus stop.

Things I have discovered about myself include, being able to get presentable in under 3 minutes, your iPhone is your friend so reminders and alarms can be set for everything (including reminding you to get your bum off the sofa and wash your hair the night before) and it is important to appear to work verrry hard at all times or risk the other half thinking you have the easy job, pah!!

There are however also a list of tasks that I am enjoying having more time for in my role as school run mum, like having time to plan the holidays, arrange nice birthday parties and be more involved in school.

So why am I writing this blog if I am so busy you ask?  Well there is one part of the working world that is hard to replace and that is the fun banter and colleagues to bounce off.  Here's hoping that by sharing my journey in my blog it will a) stop me talking to myself and rocking in a corner on bad days and b) let me share any genius tips and shortcuts I find along the way to domestic bliss.

Whether anyone will be interested in my journey, well we shall see.......

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