Monday, 4 May 2015

How to clean your bathroom without actually spending time cleaning your bathroom!

So my inspiration for this post is purely my absolute hatred of having to clean a dirty bathroom.  It's the one job I totally put off until I wish I hadn't put it off that long and its then really hard work if you let it get gunky!  It is also one of those jobs that, if you leave it you're bound to get a visit from Grandma or your Mother-in-law and be left totally embarrassed at your lack of cleaning prowess.

Well I have good news and will happily admit that I no longer have to make time to 'clean' my bathroom (as such) and it isn't dirty!  No really!

So what is my trick, well its not a trick really just something that has developed as a habit since having my little monkeys.

My secret is ... bath-time!  I will inevitably be spending a good 10-20 minutes in my bathroom with the mini's most days and a good portion of this time is spent doing nothing other than dodging the water splashes (and the odd bath toy) and reminding my toddler to sit down and stop drinking the water (eww right)!

I also found that I sit there making a mental to do list, thinking eugh I really need to scrub that grout or noticing the dust or some horrible soap slime starting to build up somewhere that I'm itching to wipe.  So now I do!  Every bath-time I choose a couple of bits to do like give the toilet a wipe around and put cleaner inside, wipe over the whole floor, clean all around the sink, organise the towels, tidy the toiletries, clean the mirror and tidy the cabinet, clean the blinds, clean the shower screen...and the list goes on.

This way all I have to do is give the bath itself a quick wipe over after the kids get out and ta dah!  Constantly clean bathroom with virtually no effort.  I'm not even as strict as to keep a stock of bathroom cleaning wipes at the ready at all times.  Sometimes I just use baby wipes (and it still works).

The only other job I need to do is to attack the grout and that plastic runner thingy at the bottom of the shower screen (that collects all the gunk) with an old toothbrush and a mix of bicarb and vinegar once a month.

And before I get slated for not watching the children or joining in bath-time play, I still do that too!  We have a small bathroom and I just clean and chat and play at the same time.

This one little change means that I no longer have to have the dreaded 'Clean Bathroom' constantly on my to do list and it is now much cleaner than it ever was before.

I'm totally at ease with the bite-size bathroom clean (so it might actually get done) and I feel like I'm really making the best use of my time too.

I hope this little cheat of mine helps some of you to keep on top of your bathroom nemesis too.

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  1. I agree with you! Cleaning the bathroom during your kids' bath time is a good way to minimize your time and be efficient. Since you are cleaning and giving your kids a bath at the same time, you can also have little chats with them and make them help you out, which can even be a form of great family bonding. I can just imagine how exciting is that. Hahaha! In any way, thanks for sharing that, Bev! All the best to your family!

    Courtney Morris @ Onyx Cleaning