Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Stress free and simple Frozen Pamper Party

As this week is my little Faye's 6th birthday we have just recovered from the 'most fabulous party of the year' to celebrate (or so Faye keeps telling me)!  I love it when a plan comes together and they actually enjoy something you have put a little effort into creating for them (phew).

I managed to survive a pretty stress free party this year and kept to a fairly modest budget so I'm really proud of myself.  Especially proud of the bit where I don't turn into partyzilla Mum and really enjoyed the party with her!

I thought I would share how I created a magical party for the girls without killing myself stress, time, effort and budget wise!

Princess Faye with her grown up (fake) party fizz

So here's what I did.............I'm not a fan of the shop bought merchandised party look so although we had a Frozen theme I didn't want to go down the branded products route.  I'm more of a DIY and get the look at half the price kind of Mum.


My number one tip is don't do it at home!  You'll be stresses out and won't enjoy the party with them because your twitching at every spilled juice or dropped sweet being trodden into your carpet.  We chose a small local salon to hold our Frozen pamper party for 10 girls.


We didn't really need any party games as the salon kept the girls busy with nails, glitter tattoos, hair, sparkly makeup and much more.  I did do a quick pass the parcel and had some activity sheets at the ready in case it looked like they were getting bored (which they didn't).


I found a couple of things like the beads, snowflakes and baubles for our Frozen tree in our Christmas decorations box but they are all pound shop buys so cheap enough.  The tree itself I borrowed but you can buy them for around £10 from Hobbycraft.  The picture frame and white flowerpot were past bargains from Ikea that we already had.  We also had the snowflake lights not pictured but they are budget Ikea ones too.  Basically I used what we had first so it's worth a good look around the house for blue and white bits and bobs.

The table cover was a pound shop buy and the snowflake hanging decorations were bought from amazon.

I downloaded this http://www.familyshoppingbag.com/img/thumb/jump/2998/banner_3 free banner template and used it to decorate brown lunch bags for party bags too.  I used another free download for the cute buffet labels.
Home make Frozen party banner


Home made frozen party bags

Party bags

I picked up some mini nail blue sparkly nail polish from an online chemist for under 50p each, packs of Frozen chocolate bars from Quality Save and this ready made toy pack (which they loved) from amazon. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Frozen-48pc-Favor-Pack-Value/dp/B00KQ18JVU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1428416553&sr=8-2&keywords=frozen+party+fillers



The party table
Faye was desperate for a sweetie buffet so I dug out some disposable wine glasses and bought a selection of blue and white sweets for them to pick and mix into little tubs I picked up at the pound shop.

I kept the rest of the food simple so minimal prep time.  Check out these super easy Oreo truffles http://allrecipies.co./recipie/oreo-cookie-balls/detail.aspx which I covered in a blue candy melt and I used ready made rice crispy treats and dipped them in the same blue candy melt and sprinkles, et voila Frozen treats!

Cute Frozen Wand Lollies

The star lollies are soo easy to make if you get hold of a cheap star lolly mould that you can buy online for buttons and then it's just sprinkle melt and fill.  We did simple ham and cheese sandwiches and just cut them out with cookie cutters to make them cute.  The rest was shop bought so no effort needed.


Frozen Fairy Bread

 I made fairy bread with sweetened cream cheese covered in blue and white sprinkles

The cake was made by a super talented cake making friend of mine
Frozen Cake
And that's really all there was to it apart from a few well placed mini frozen figures scattered over the buffet table!  

I hope someone finds this useful and just drop me a comment if there is anything I missed out.

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