Monday, 13 April 2015

Design your own decopatch letters for an easy, fun craft

If you have more than one little one to entertain then the age gaps can mean it's sometimes really hard to find activities that you can do with both or all.

These cute and very simple decopatch letters are a quick craft to set up and can easily be done either during a nap time or with the little ones too if you don't mind getting messy.

They really take very little skill so don't need a great deal of adult help and the results are really lovely.

Our finished decopatch letter

I cheated and bought this little kit from our local craft cafe Create It but all the bits and pieces are easily picked up from places like amazon, eBay, The Works or Hobbycraft.

What you'll need:

  • Cardboard letters or other object to decorate.  These can be picked up online or from craft shops.
  • A small paint brush
  • Scissors
  • 'Mod podge' glue (again easily available from craft shops or online)
  • Decopatch papers, the prettier the brighter the better!
  • Jewels, buttons, sequins of other pretty bits and bobs your might have.

Decopatch kit
The creation station

What you do:

Start by cutting the papers into small squares so you are ready to go, they are very thin so children's scissors are fine for this but would also help to avoid boredom kicking in.  Faye was very precise (if not painfully slow) at this bit and there were lots of papers!

Next you paste a small amount of 'mod podge' glue onto the letter, place your paper square over the top and then add a layer of glue over that to flatten it down and seal it in place.

Overlay the papers to get a nice patchwork effect and keep going until you have covered the whole template, ta dah!  It dries really fast so don't paste too large of an area or you get a build up of dried glue.

Now you could stop here but we all love a little glitz so now you can add a little glitter or some embellishments to your project using the same glue.

We used some buttons, sequins and gems but you can literally add anything!

Our kit was for a small letter but you can but bigger ones which look great on kids room doors or a full name of letter to go up on a shelf.  You can also decopatch things to already have, boxes, animal figures or for a bigger project these little sets of drawers from IKEA  would be great.  

The kits are a great idea for birthday presents or even a birthday party activity.  The possibilities are endless and we will definitely be doing it again!

Have fun!

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